Dancing And Weight loss

Dancing And Weight loss

Can You Have Fun And Lose Weight?

If there was an unconventional workout which could help you lose weight, would you try it? If the answer you came to is yes, then we might have an idea that may be perfect for you. Try dancing to help lose weight. It really does not matter which type of dance you decide to take up. It could be ballroom dancing, salsa dancing or Zumba, either way, dancing is a great way to get into shape.

Not too long ago, twerking became a hot trend in the dance world. Twerking workouts started popping up all over the internet, these workouts being called twerkouts.

Twerkouts involve booty popping and grinding as the main moves and for some people, this seems to far removed from the norm, but for others, it became a great way to get the body moving and help burn calories while having a good time. Maybe it’s time to get a friend over for a workout and see how much fun you could have.

Have A Little Fun

By no means are we saying twerking is the best or only dance craze that can help get you into shape? The main point and the most important part is finding the right form of dance which you will enjoy and also have a little fun, so that time passes by more quickly. Any form of dance will help you burn calories, even if you decide to take things slow and take up ballroom dancing, you will still be burning calories. If you feel like working on the hip area, you could choose Hawaiian dancing to help shape those hips, while African dance can help slim down the waistline and help build some muscles.

Learn Dance Moves And Lose Weight

You may be putting off your dancing as you were born with two left feet, but who cares? the time is now. It has never been easier to learn dance moves to lose weight. Just go onto the internet and use an online service or buy a video to get started.

Dance Games

There is a dance game that is out at the moment called just dance. It is a popular game that while allowing you to enjoy yourself, it also provides a competitive experience for you to learn how to dance while burning calories at the same time. The game keeps you moving constantly, so there is no boredom involved and the workouts are over before you feel like quitting.

Dvd programs can also be purchased easily online. A popular program many dieters use today is called Beachbody CIZE dance workout. In it, you learn professionally choreographed dance moves that you can perfect from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If standing in front of the tv is not your thing, it may be time to go out and join the local gym or dance studio. There is a large variety of dance classes available today to choose from and there will be a dance studio not too far away.

Stick It Out

An important factor in sticking to a workout routine is the ability to have fun and experience enjoyment when doing so.

So choose something that will keep those enjoyment levels high and it won’t be long until you begin to see the results.

To get the full benefits and results of the dance workout you choose, it essential you pair your exercise routine with a healthy, calorie controlled diet.

It can also be of great benefit to get a friend to join your weight loss plan as it becomes harder to give up when two people are accountable for each other as one person won’t want to let the other down.

How long do you have to dance to lose weight?

There are a couple of factors we need to consider when answering this question. The number of calories you burn while dancing is crucial, but this is only part of the equation. If you do only one short dance session per week, you would not be surprised to learn that you have not lost any weight. To lose weight through dancing, you’ll need to set out a routine and follow it closely. The American Heart Foundation recommends that we get at least 150 minutes of exercise each week, which works out at two and a half hours.

So if you set out to do 30 minutes of dancing a day, five days of the week, you’ll hit the recommended number of 150 hours a week and hopefully start to see results.

A Few Good Dances For Weightloss


Zumba is one of the most popular methods of dance used to lose weight. Not only does it help you get in shape, but it’s also great for making your body flexible and toned.

Zumba’s great for beginners and can produce great results when accompanied with the correct diet. Other benefits of Zumba have increased blood circulation, heart rate, and stamina.

Belly Dance

Belly dance is not only a fun way to lose weight. It’s one of the best forms of dance to help shed belly fat, as it helps to build up your abdominal muscles. Overall it’s a great way to lose that excess weight while having a little fun. Another benefit of belly dance is back pain relief as it helps to strengthen the spinal column.

Pole dance

Pole dancing may not be as common as Zumba among people that are looking to get in shape. But don’t let that put you off. It can produce fantastic results and be great for improving your body posture and increase flexibility. Not only this, it will help to tone the lower muscles in the body, plus releases those happy hormones called endorphins.

How long does it take to see results from dancing?

If you do the right things, you should expect to see some results in about two to three weeks. It may sound like a long time to some people, but if you’re having some fun along the way, the time will fly by.