Dance Exercise Benefits

Dance Exercise Benefits For The Body

Dance Exercise Benefits For The Body

Dancing can offer many great benefits when compared to standard workout sessions at the local gym.

If you are anything like me, you will hate going to the gym. Does just the thought of running on a treadmill make you feel sleepy?

Don’t know about you, but running on a treadmill just doesn’t get me excited.

If you’re looking for a more enjoyable form of exercise to keep in shape, you should consider dancing. It can provide the whole body with a workout and the best thing of all is, anyone can do it.

Heres a list of reasons why dancing may be good for you.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Benefits

One reason why dance is such a good form of exercise is that it provides the body with aerobic and anearobic movements. The combination of both types of exercise can help provide the perfect building blocks for our bodies to be at their healthiest.

The aerobic parts of dance can be achieved by running, jumping, twirling and swaying, while the anaerobic exercises include, balancing, lifting other dancers up in the air or lifting your own bodyweight and can also include holding squat positions and the like. There really is no limit to the amount of workouts that can be achieved through dancing.

Constantly changing. 

Dancing is great as it is always changing around you. There’s an unending supply of new dance moves to learn meaning you’ll never get bored doing the same moves over and over again.

Once the basics are tied down, it’s like a door opens up in front of you with endless options. This is the moment when you decide which creatrive path you will go down. You may decide to try out formal dance moves such as ballroom or even ballet. If that they are not your style, you can always try out more modern options such as hip hop or jazz moves or many more. When you compare these options to running on a treadmill for hours on end, it’s clear to see why dancing is so appealing.

Creative Outlet

One of the main benefits dancing can provide that jogging and other regular exercises dont is creativity.

Dancing allows you to let your hair down and express those feelings you have inside. Sometimes after a great dancing routine, you realise just how much tension you had built up inside and it’s such a great feeling to just let go while enjoying yourself at the same time.

Get creative and create your own forms of dance


The older we get, the more we begin to appreciate our flexibility. It doesn’t take the body long to let us know we are growing older, fast.

Another one of dance exercise benefits is that it helps to keep the body flexible because it entails many different stretches for various parts of the body which help to keep you agile even as you get older.

Improved flexibility is also great for the bodies overall physical health as it can help reduce the chances of getting some form of injury, such as a sprain or muscle tear and can also help muscles to heal after a good workout.

Music Inspires

You will have noticed that every gym has loud music and most joggers and runners will have earphones in as they too listen to music.

Music is a great tool when working out as it allows us to push ourselves that little bit harder as the adrenaline is released into our bodies, especially when one of our favourite songs are playing.

The same can be said for dancing although the music plays a much larger part. The music becomes the framework for whichever routine you are working on and dictates the speed and overall style you are looking to achieve.

After a while, the options become endless as you can learn to move your body to any beat of music which can lead to moments of insperation and freedom.

Allowing the body to feel total freedom and creativity to flow with the beat while at the same time getting fit is a major factor why dancing for me, will always be, the best form of exercise.