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Which Ballet Shoes Are Best For Beginners?

  Which ballet shoes are best for beginners is a question that people often struggle with, but if you are a beginner, a pair of full sole ballet slippers is what you should be wearing. Why Full Sole Ballet Slippers Are Best Now you know ballet slippers are what you’re looking for, you should get […]

Are foot stretchers safe for dancers?

What Is A Foot Stretcher? Foot stretchers are a piece of equipment common in many different fields of dance, gymnastics, and athletics. They are used to stretch the arches of the feet. With regular use, they are thought to increase the flexibility in both the arch and ankle plus the metatarsal areas. Foot stretchers generally […]

Ways To Become A More Confident Dancer

Ways To Become A More Confident Dancer

To be a great dancer you need to believe in yourself and be self-confident.Self-confidence is the assurance of your talents skills, gifts and abilities and today I’m going to share with you 12 ways you can improve your self-confidence. Develop Better Friendships The first tip is to develop better friendships. Even your friends can’t control […]