Ways To Become A More Confident Dancer

Ways To Become A More Confident Dancer

To be a great dancer you need to believe in yourself and be self-confident.
Self-confidence is the assurance of your talents skills, gifts and abilities and today I’m going to share with you 12 ways you can improve your self-confidence.

Develop Better Friendships

The first tip is to develop better friendships. Even your friends can’t control your emotions, they can certainly help you feel better about yourself. So choose friends who can help you build more confidence in yourself, your job and also what you do. When you know your friends are right there by your side and get the support you need and you trust your friends to lift you up when times get tough. You’ll find a more confident lookn on your face every day.

Seek Knowledge

The second tip is to seek knowledge. Those who lack confidence are those who lack knowledge. Because they don’t that know they can control themselves and their level of confidence. Get more confident by seeking the kind of information you need to get to the next level. Once you feel assured of what you know, it’s going to help you grow an make changes so you can become a better person.

Count Your Successes

There will be so many things that you have already accomplished. You need to take inventory of them and realise that you have actually won a lot in your life. Look back into your high school, college years or working days and ask yourself, what have I done that I have done correctly and what can I use to perpetuate my success. When you count your past successes, when you realise your achievements, it will help you feel good about yourself and boost your self-confidence.

Trust Yourself

I’m sure you have heard the guy who says well with my luck I can’t do anything, I can’t find a job, I can’t do this or I can’t do that. The problem with this guy is he is not affirming the right thing. So affirm yourself and trust that you can win. If you think you can you will. If you don’t think you can win, you won’t. Believe in yourself because when you believe in yourself and trust in yourself, you will find everyone in the world will trust you and believe in you too.

Practice Integrity

Integrity is doing what is right even when no one is looking. You see when it’s dark we don’t think that people can see us but the fact is when the light shines every one can see you are about. So when no one is looking, make sure you practice your integrity make sure you are doing the right thing all the time and you will have nothing to fear you’ll be confident the rest of your life.

Dress Impeccably

You want to be appealing to the eyes of the people. But if you are showing up with ripped jeans, baggy shorts, a pair of messed up shoes, stains on your shirt or a crusty jacket, no one is going to trust you. If you are confident in your dress people will be confident in you. so project on the outside what you want to feel on the inside and when people see that you look good, they will feel good about you and you will feel good about yourself too.

Communicate Effectively

The first thing that people see when they meet you is the way you dress but the second thing people hear is how you talk, and if they hear that you’re not talking the way that they’re used to hearing, they are probably not going to do business with you. If you sound like a thug or sound like you are from the street, they’re not going to trust you. If you sound like your too intellectual when you really need to dumb it down and speak at a lower level, you may alienate them, so communicate to the people you are speaking to and always aim to make your words easy to listen to. Tell stories and try to relate to the people who need to hear you the most.

Affirm Yourself

There are so many people that affirm negativity in their lives. They say I’m so clumsy, I’m so dumb or I’m just the small guy, but you have to be able to affirm yourself powerfully. I’m smart, I’m intelligent, I’m good looking, I feel good about my self. If you keep making hundreds of affirmations a day I guarantee you you’ll be more confident at the end of the month.

Celebrate Often

Whenever you hit a big milestone or you reach a certain age or you do something very big, make sure you celebrate appropriately. If you felt like the celebration wasn’t good, redo it. Give it another chance, sip champagne when your thirsty and enjoy your life to the fullest. Be able to win in life and celebrate in the end. You can work as hard as you can but you have to play to enjoy your life.


You don’t have to be Hercules in life, but you have to feel good about yourself. You have to feel good about your endurance. You have to be able to get up and down the stairs and up and down the city. If you feel like your sluggish or fat, lazy, change that. Exercise often. Get in the gym 3 4 5 times a week 6 times a week if you have to and start eating right so that you feel good about yourself. Because a winner always is fit an always is healthy. Overall confidence is built every single day so build your confidence by taking these steps and people will help you to build your confidence because your building yours and your helping them without even knowing it, so be confident.