Dance Tips For Beginners

Dance Tips For Beginners

So you have decided to take up dancing?

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when first starting out dancing. For some, it can be a confidence issue, while for others, it can be not knowing what to expect that is the most daunting.

We have written a great list of dance tips for beginners and hope this list will be useful to you.

Anyone who has dedication can become a great dancer.

choose your style wisely

One of the most important decisions you will make is the style of dance you choose to practice.

Don’t jump straight in. Do some research and figure out which dance style is best suited to you.

Many factors may play a part when deciding what style to choose. We believe it’s best to let the music guide you. Dancing requires a connection between the music and dancer, this is what dancing is all about, expression. You will find it much easier to express yourself through dance if you love music.

Another thing to consider when choosing a style is your goals, what are they? Are you aiming to dance competitively in the future or is it just a past time and some fun?

Find The Best Teacher

Take some time and research local dance schools in your area. Find the ones that have the highest review ratings. Read through the reviews to get a better idea of what the classes can offer and if that particular dance instructor looks a good fit for you.

Don’t be afraid to try out other dance classes at the same time. It may be the best way to find the one that works best for you. It is always good to have options.

Google search dance schools near me for a quick look at what is available in your area.

Use constructive criticism to improve.

No one likes to get told they’re not good at what they do. It makes us feel down while decreasing our level of concentration and commitment.

A great piece of advice to take note of is, never let your emotions take over in these situations. If you do, it will be your dancing that suffers the most.

Don’t look for praise all the time. You need the ability to step back and focus on the things you can do better. To do this, you will need people around you who will be honest and let you know when you make a mistake and the areas you need to improve.

Accepting good honest feedback is one of the best ways you can improve your dance skills. Try not to feel down and use the criticism to motivate and challenge yourself. You need to focus on the parts you are weakest.

If you do this, you will soon see some exciting results in your overall performance.

Relax More And Improve Faster

It is easy when learning a new dance skill to get frustrated. When you do, you will often end up performing worse and find it harder to concentrate.

When you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to take a deep breath and relax.
Start again with a calm approach while staying as relaxed as possible. It doesn’t mean you will get that dance skill straight away, but overall it will make it easier for you and your body to take in the information and speed up the learning time.

Get flexible

Stretching is not the most fun thing to do in the world but is very important as you progress through the different stages of dance.

To become the best you can be, you will need to focus on your flexibility work. Include stretching exercises throughout your workout.

Always start slow with stretching exercises if you are not very flexible. You don’t want to risk getting an injury.

Maintaining your flexibility will help you to move in a wider range of motion (ROM). This will better prepare you for learning new dance routines while your body will become more fluid when performing.

Set Small Achievable Goals

It’s best to set small achievable goals. This way you create a path of achievement that will be less stressful and frustrating.

Don’t expect perfection when you start, look for the small things that you can work on first before attempting the more advanced moves.

Each stage of your progress will bring new challenges. Setting the correct goals will help you progress through the frustrating times and meet the next challenge with confidence.

Focus on yourself

Often we find ourselves enviously looking at other dancers and thinking they are far better. While watching other dancers can be beneficial, it’s more important you spend the time focussing on yourself and all the small things you can do to improve.

So don’t spend too much time comparing yourself to other dancers as this means you’re spending less time on yourself.

Some dancers may be better than you in certain areas, but don’t let this get you down because, with time and practice, you will improve. Always to focus on the things you are good at and not what others are better at.

When And When Not To Use A Mirror While Dancing

All dance studios have them and it can soon become normal to stare at yourself.

While the mirror is a great tool for correcting issues such as posture and body alignment, they can cause some negative effects too.

Gazing into the mirror too often may lead you to rely on visual cues and not your proprioceptors. These are the sensors that provide you with the awareness of where your body and limbs are at any given time.

If you begin to struggle with your routines without the aid of a mirror, it may be time to stop using mirrors for a while. Typically you only want to use mirrors to work on one thing at a time

Work hard And Never Give Up

The old saying practice makes perfect will never go away because it is so true. If you have aspirations of becoming a great dancer, it means a lot of practice and hard work.

Often you will need to practice even when you are not feeling up to it.

Finding different ways to practice can be a huge benefit. You can easily practice at home while watching your favorite dancers on tv and have fun copying their moves and routines.

Practice all the small things that can result in a big difference when putting together.

Be prepared to work hard until your feet are sore. Dancing is not as easy as some people think and requires a huge amount of effort, so be ready to work hard and expect some frustrations to come along the way.

With the right amount of dedication, you can become successful at anything. Just never give up.

Pay attention to even the smallest of injuries

Pay attention to even the smallest of injuries. You may have a little niggle you choose to ignore as the pain is bearable. But this can catch up in later years and cause a lasting and serious injury.

Always seek advice from a doctor if you are experiencing any recurring pain, no matter how small and don’t risk your future dancing career.