Am I Too Old To Dance?

Am I Too Old To Dance

Question Into Context

Let’s start out by putting this question into context. If the question your asking is am I too old to go out dancing at the weekend well that’s a whole different post for another day. You may be better asking your son or daughter what they think when you bump into either at the nightclub

You Are Never Too Old To Take Up Dancing

It’s a question that pops up from time to time and the simple answer is you are never too old to take up dancing. Saying that it’s best to be realistic and honest. If you’re in your late teens or twenties, it is highly unlikely you could put on a pair of dance shoes and make it as a professional after only a couple of years, although nothing is impossible.

Making A Living

If you’re aged about 13 years old and reading this, I don’t want to put you off. There are many dancers that started out at this age and are making a living through dancing. It just requires a whole lot of dedication and effort.

still relatively young

If you are still relatively young, the best thing I would suggest is, you do a google search for local dance group/classes. Don’t think too much about the style of dance, just go a see how you feel and have a good time. After a little while you will get a clearer picture of what is best for you and what style you’d to take up. Everything else will come down to your attitude, effort, discipline, and perseverance.

Dancing can be glamorous, but it is extremely hard work most of the time and depending on the style, very painful.

The Rest Of Us Who Are That Little Bit Older

But as for the rest of us who are that little bit older, it’s still never too late to start and depending on where you are in life, whatever your situation or age, it could turn out to be one of the best decisions you made.

If you are pushing on in life and wanting to take up dancing. I would suggest that you look up dance styles you feel would be suitable for your age. I’m not trying to be rude in any way, I just wouldn’t like to for you to turn up to a break dancing class by mistake…espesially if you’re in your 70’s.

Get In Touch

Once you’ve found a style which seems suitable do a simple google search for local dance lessons/classes etc, then get in touch with the one which offers the style of dance you’re looking for.

Another thing I’d like to suggest to you if you’ve never danced before is- do not overthink.

Don’t Overthink

We are all guilty of staying in our comfort zones and not doing those things we really want to do if they make us feel slightly uncomfortable. It’s the fear of the unknown that stops us and if you never do, you’ll never know.

If you’re holding back from contacting the dance studio for this reason. Try and get a friend to go along with you, even if it’s just for the first few lessons.

There are many posts on this blog about the benefits of dancing so I won’t go into those details in this one. But make no mistake, dancing can have far-reaching benefits and help improve your life in so many ways.

Thanks for reading.