Are resistance bands good for home workout?

woman with back turned, using a resistance band for exercise

Nowadays, medical experts are continuously recommending strength training to improve physical and mental health. But with a hectic work and travel schedule, it is not always possible to attend the gym regularly. Going to the gym often seems like a huge time sink, so lots of people skip the gym. However, a simple search for home workout equipment and exercise regimes […]

Which Ballet Shoes Are Best For Beginners?

  Which ballet shoes are best for beginners is a question that people often struggle with, but if you are a beginner, a pair of full sole ballet slippers is what you should be wearing. Why Full Sole Ballet Slippers Are Best Now you know ballet slippers are what you’re looking for, you should get […]

Are foot stretchers safe for dancers?

What Is A Foot Stretcher? Foot stretchers are a piece of equipment common in many different fields of dance, gymnastics, and athletics. They are used to stretch the arches of the feet. With regular use, they are thought to increase the flexibility in both the arch and ankle plus the metatarsal areas. Foot stretchers generally […]

Spiritual Benefits Of Yoga

spiritual benefits of yoga

I think there are four components that really make yoga what it is. One of these is, of course, is the most obvious one which is the physical postures, stretching, exercises, movements, breathing techniques, and relaxation techniques. These are an important component that is working with the body to affect our global functioning. Another critical […]